Solo Blues Guitar vol. 2

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DVD Demo – Solo Blues Guitar vol. 2

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The eagerly awaited part 2 is here :) This second volume of original blues songs arranged for solo guitar by Justin contains another three compositions. Each teaches you a specific technique that you can then use in your blues improvising. Each two bars is shown close up, with shots of both plucking and fretting hands and each piece finishes with a slow, medium and a full speed version for you to play along with. Again, all three songs are in the key of E, so once you have learnt them you can start to mix them together (with the tunes from Vol. 1 too). They are all played fingerstyle on an acoustic guitar but you can play them easily on electric too. Well over 2 hours of top quality tuition! • Slow Six Blues – explores the use of the sixth interval to create cool and useful rhythm licks. This trick works well on electric too! • Contrary Blues – is a slightly jazz tinged composition that uses a lot of contrary motion (one “voice” going up and one going down!) • Raggy Island Blues – uses a cool Ragtime style alternating bass part with the melody perched on top. This one will take a little practice :) Follow the link below to purchase :) justinguitar.comTaught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a great forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all totally free, no bull. No sample lessons, no memberships. Just

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