TE-003 • Scale Picking (Guitar Lesson)

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TE-003 • Scale Picking (Guitar Lesson)

via JustinSandercoe:

Learn how to use scale picking with a metronome to increase your hand coordination and you speed. Best used with the web site, where there are lots of notes for this lesson. TE= Technique area of web siteTaught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a great forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all totally free, no bull. No sample lessons, no memberships. Just tons of great lessons :) To get help with your lesson or song look up the number at the start of the video title (like ST-123 or whatever) on the Lesson Index page. www.justinguitar.com .

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