Boss RC-2 Loop Station Demo

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Boss RC-2 Loop Station Demo

via azb24:

Hello, and thanks for watching! I never thought when I made this video a few years ago that it would be such a hit. I am glad to help folks out. I do apologize that I am not the best speaker in this video, I dont claim to be a professional. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the pedal. Please read through before posting a question in the comments. Most of the answers you need will be here (I will add as new ones pop up). I WILL NOT answer questions in the comments that are contained here: Q: Where should this pedal go in my signal chain? A: No matter what your particular setup is, this pedal should always be at the END of your signal chain. This prevents the drum tracks from being effected by any gain or effect pedals you are using. Q: I have the pedal at the end of my chain but the drum tracks are still distorted. Why? A: If you are using an amplifier with built-in effects, you need to use the Send/Return effects loop if your amp has one. If not, there isnt much you can do to keep the tracks from being effected by onboard effects other than using effect pedals in the chain in front of the RC-2. Q: How do I turn the drum tracks off? A: To turn off the drum tracks or phrase, you simply turn the knob counter-clockwise all of the way so that the volume is at 0. That effectively turns off the track. Q: It sounds bad when I record a guitar with distortion/overdrive. Why? A: It is my belief that the pedal has a hard time with a very high gain signal. As such

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