The Soundblox Guitar Envelope Filter

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Source Audio has introduced the Soundblox Guitar Envelope Filter, a pedal which packs the power and flexibility of a rack-mounted unit into a user-friendly stompbox.

The GEF offers a set of 21 individual envelope filter effects, from traditional auto wah sweeps to more dramatic vocal simulations. Filter categories include 2 and 4 Pole Low Pass, Single Peak, Triple Peak, Peak & Notch, and Phaser. Due to the finely tuned nature of the pedal, even the slightest gap in the incoming signal will reset the filter position providing a full sweep range for every note. The control panel is simple, but allows users to dial in a broad range of tones. Minor adjustments, such as a change in the direction of the filter sweep, can produce significantly different sounds within a single filter type. The three-knob control panel provides adjustability to the center point of the frequency sweep, the depth and direction of the moving filter, as well as the attack and decay times.

On its own, the GEF can be modulated in the fashion of a standard auto wah, but is also controllable via Source Audio’s Hot Hand Motion Controller Ring for a remarkably expressive and unique approach to filter modulation. The unit also features proprietary state-of-the-art 56-bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with 24-bit converters for crystal clear output.


  • 21 Filter Sounds including 2 Pole Low Pass, 4 Pole Low Pass, Single Peak, Triple Peak, Peak and Notch and Phasers.
  • Positive and Negative filter sweep with variable range and sensitivity.
  • Dual range speed control allows equal adjustment of Attack and Decay speeds, or alternatively, a fixed, fast attack and adjustable Decay.
  • Modern Design — a thoughtfully designed box that features rugged construction and sleek looks.
  • State-of-the-art DSP — proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601 and crystal clear 24-bit converters.
  • Motion Control — all Soundblox™ pedals are “Hot Hand® Ready” and can be used with any Hot Hand motion sensor to extend the capabilities of the unit.
  • Active Analog Bypass — bypass is fully routed around the DSP and active input ensures zero signal degradation.
  • Dimensions: 7 in/17.8cm (length not including 1/O jacks) x 4 in/10.2 cm (width) x 2 in/5cm (height, including knobs).
  • Note: Power supply not included.

Soundblox Guitar Envelope Filter retails for around $119.


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