Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Now Available

Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer

Roland has released the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer, the company’s latest guitar synth.

Combining PCM synthesis with digital instrument modeling from the VG-99 V-Guitar System, the GR-55 represents Roland’s latest advances in guitar synthesis.

Here’s a demo of the Roland GR-55 guitar synth in action:

YouTube Preview Image


  • A fusion of guitar synthesis and COSM guitar modeling.
  • Up to four sound sources at a time: two PCM synth tones, plus COSM guitar modeling and normal guitar input.
  • Hundreds of  sounds for rock or pop guitarists.
  • Fast processing.
  • Over 900 fully editable PCM sounds, including pianos, organs, strings, vintage synths, and much more.
  • COSM guitar and amp modeling.
  • Two types of multi-effects engines, plus global reverb, chorus, and delay effects, and an onboard looper.
  • Built-in USB audio player with foot control.
  • Available with or without GK-3 Divided Pickup.

The GR-55 is now available, with an MSRP of $979 USD, or $1,199 USD with a GK-3 Divided Pickup included.

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