New App, Monolith, Turns Your Guitar Into A Moog Synthesizer

Monolith Low latency guitar Synth plugin Preview was uploaded by: Sentientfx1
Duration: 60

This is a preview of Sentient FX’s upcoming Monolith – an application that turns your guitar into a Moog synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about Monolith:

Our guitar synthesisers do not use MIDI to achieve their tones. We feel that the MIDI protocol is too crude to deliver the full range of guitar players’ nuances, rendering performances sterile and lacklustre. Pitch informaion is derived directly using “Literal Nuance Interpretation” which values “feel” above all else.

Somebody once said of conventional MIDI guitars, “it feels like the guitar is playing you, not you playing the guitar”. We aim to put you back in control..

You can use palm muting, harmonics, ebows, sustainiacs and whammy bars with this technology. You don’t have to close old doors to open new ones here.

Monolith is expected for release in Spring 2011.

via Sentient FX.

Roland Guitar Synthesizer Challenge

Roland Guitar Synthesizer Challenge – Wayne Joness – GR-300 – GR-700 was uploaded by: WayneJoness
Duration: 186

Here’s an entry in the Roland Guitar Synthesizer Challenge by Wayne Joness, featuring vintage Roland Guitar Synthesizers, the Roland GR-300, Roland GR-700 and Roland GM-70.

The synthesizers are all controlled by a vintage Roland G-303 Guitar Synthesizer Controller.

In addition to the GR-300 and GR-700, the GM-70 is used to play a Roland XV-5080 Sound Module.

All Parts were played by guitar, with the exception of the drum loop programming.

via WayneJoness

Roland Guitar Synth Challenge

Roland Guitar Synth Challenge – Wayne Joness – GI-20 was uploaded by: WayneJoness
Duration: 196

Roland Guitar Synth Challenge entry by Wayne Scott Joness featuring the Roland GI-20.

The GI-20 is used with a Roland GK-3 divided pickup to play a variety of software synthesizers and sound modules, including the Roland XV-5080 fitted with the SRX-07 Ultimate Keys Expansion board.

All MIDI performances are from the GI-20, with the exception of drum loop programming.

via WayneJoness

The Bizarre Synth Guitar Of Dr Moonstien

synth guitar 2.avi was uploaded by: drmoonstien
Duration: 185

This video, via drmoonstien, is a distorted and demented demonstration of the Dr’s bizarre synth guitar.

No details were provided with the video – so if you know anything more about this strange synth guitar, leave a comment!