The Iron Maidens Guitarist Courtney Cox Solo

The Iron Maidens – Guitarist Courtney Cox Solo – House Of Blues – OutlawVideo.TV was uploaded by: depravity0
Duration: 106

The Iron Maidens – Guitarist Courtney Cox Solo – House Of Blues – OutlawVideo.TV

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The Iron Maidens – Guitarist Courtney Cox Solo – House Of Blues – OutlawVideo.TV

Organ Sounds On Steel Guitar (EHX Pog 2)

Organ Sounds on Steel Guitar (2) was uploaded by: steelguitar3
Duration: 106

This video, via steelguitar3, demonstrates using the Electro Harmonix Pog 2 Octave Generator, B-3 Organ setting.

Technical details: 1956 Fender Stringmaster non-pedal steel guitar, with C6 tuning.

Steve Vai “Now We Run”

Steve Vai “Now We Run” was uploaded by: SteveVaiHimself
Duration: 396

Steve Vai and the String Theories band perform the opening track Now We Run live In Minneapolis.

The show was recorded and filmed at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN before a sold-out audience as part of Vais successful Sound Theories world tour.

Vai is widely known for both his unprecedented guitar playing techniques. The addition of violinists Alex DePue and Ann Marie Calhoun add a dimension to Vai’s performance. The other musicians in Vai’s band are: Bryan Beller (bass), Jeremy Colson (drums), Dave Weiner (guitar and sitar) and Zack Wiesinger (lap steel).

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The World’s Fastest Guitarist

World Record in Intel Booth at CES 2011 with Tiago Della Vega was uploaded by: channelintel
Duration: 68

Tiago Della Vega attempts to break his current world record at Intel’s booth at the Consumer Electronics Show’

He holds the current world record for playing the guitar at 320 beats per minute. Today, he broke the world record by playing Flight of the Bumblebee at 340 bpm!

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Roland Guitar Synth Challenge

Roland Guitar Synth Challenge – Wayne Joness – GI-20 was uploaded by: WayneJoness
Duration: 196

Roland Guitar Synth Challenge entry by Wayne Scott Joness featuring the Roland GI-20.

The GI-20 is used with a Roland GK-3 divided pickup to play a variety of software synthesizers and sound modules, including the Roland XV-5080 fitted with the SRX-07 Ultimate Keys Expansion board.

All MIDI performances are from the GI-20, with the exception of drum loop programming.

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Peavey Ampkit Link For iPhone, iPad + iPod Touch

Peavey Ampkit link demo for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – Tom Allen at Nevada Music UK was uploaded by: NevadaMusicUK
Duration: 611

Here’s a quick demo of the Peavey AmpKit Link for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Amp Kit Link interface features a 1/4″ jack input, suitable for guitars and bass and a 1/8″ mini-jack stereo output, which can be connected to headphones, amplifiers, or powered speakers. Continue reading “Peavey Ampkit Link For iPhone, iPad + iPod Touch”

The World’s Fastest Guitar Player

OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD GUITAR SPEED – Guinness World Records was uploaded by: Dellavega
Duration: 594

Witness the World’s Faster Guitar Player – at least according to the official Guiness World Record – Brazilian guitarist Tiago Della Vega.

He plays a custom signature Andrellis 7-string guitar which has 24 frets and a Floyd Rose tremolo, the Andrellis TDV. Continue reading “The World’s Fastest Guitar Player”

Canon Rock

Canon Rock (Jesse’s Mix) was uploaded by: JesseGuitar07
Duration: 327

Canon Rock (Jesse’s Mix)

via JesseGuitar07: Nothing Special Just a mix of my different Canon Rock takes compiled together, with a few different effects.cheers jesse ——————————— Welcome to join this group in YOUTUBE “Guitar Tips and connections” ———————————- And you can check my website if you like!