Dave Mustaine’s Megadeth Guitar Tips

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Dave Mustaine – Megadeth Guitar Tips to being Amazing

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Dave Mustaine of fomer Metallica and present front of Megadeth takes you through the common chords and riffs of many of your favorite Megadeth songs! From Killing is My Business…and Business is Good to Rust in Peace, from Countdown to Extiction to A World Needs a Hero, Mr. Mustaine would love to share these songs with you. Along with the songs, a short back story, a “hidden treasure” displayed for YOUR eyes only! Dave, you’ve done it…AGAIN!

Canon Rock

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Canon Rock (Jesse’s Mix)

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www.jesseguitar.com Nothing Special Just a mix of my different Canon Rock takes compiled together, with a few different effects.cheers jesse ——————————— Welcome to join this group in YOUTUBE “Guitar Tips and connections” www.youtube.com ———————————- And you can check my website if you like!www.jesseguitar.com