How To Play Smoke On The Water

Deep Purple Smoke On The Water – Play this Classic Riff! was uploaded by: ilearntoplay
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Deep Purple Smoke On The Water – Play this Classic Riff!

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To celebrate a summer of great music guitar lessons on the iLearntoPlay site are FREE for a limited period – so register and download NOW! Seen our new online mag? ‘Offbeat’ – very irreverent, just so slightly tongue-in-cheek and very, very funny! There’s also a competition to win some Line 6 gear. Is this the most-played riff of all time? Consistently No 1 in ‘best riff’ charts across the web, we just HAD to break it down for you. For a riff that’s so famous it’s often played wrongly — in this 4-minute video you’ll learn how to play it right with slowed-down demonstrations of both right and left hands, TAB, chord boxes, and everything else you’ll need. More famous ‘Classic Riffs’ are available FREE on the website at including a higher quality version of this video. Other Classic Riffs include American Idiot – Green Day Another One Bites The Dust – Queen Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple Walk This Way – Aerosmith Wonderwall – Oasis Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana All Right Now – Free Sweet Child O’Mine – Guns N Roses Back in Black – AC/DC

Canon Rock

Canon Rock (Jesse’s Mix) was uploaded by: JesseGuitar07
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Canon Rock (Jesse’s Mix)

via JesseGuitar07: Nothing Special Just a mix of my different Canon Rock takes compiled together, with a few different effects.cheers jesse ——————————— Welcome to join this group in YOUTUBE “Guitar Tips and connections” ———————————- And you can check my website if you like!