Metallica Guitar Lesson

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Metallica Guitar Lesson

via KristoferDahl:

Heya, Kris here! If one were to describe Kirk Hammett’s soloing in a few sentences, I would say he uses rock cliche licks over strong metal/rock riffs (depending on which decade we are speaking about!). So let’s dive into some typical rock cliche licks and investigate how we can make use of them. I am not a fan of trying to copy other styles/guitarists to 100 %, that’s why I try to “steal” as much as I can from others – but eventually I’ll do my best to throw it all in the bin. What I am trying to say is: Make sure to learn the techniques you are working with perfectly, once you master them – alter them to the point that no one will recognise them. Do that for a couple of years and you will proudly be able to announce “your own style”! Oh, I included a little bonus clip in today’s video, featuring me and my student Jimmie Nilsson jamming over this lesson’s backing track. I have had him for three years, and he has been extremely serious about practicing – and now he rocks! :) Remember this could very well be YOU in a couple of years (regardless of your age). The trick is to take every little detail into consideration when practcing (cleaness, timing etc.) – if you are gifted with discipline don’t throw your time a way, practice as correctly as possible! This lesson is inpired by the Kirk Hammett style lesson at WWW.GUITARMASTERCLASS.NET . The site also features a daily free video-lick-lesson, which you might want to check out. As soon as you get any of the licks down

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