Really Useful Strumming Techniques Vol II (Promo)

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Really Useful Strumming Techniques Vol II (Promo)

via JustinSandercoe:

This video shows you the stuff you will learn in RUST II (Really Useful Strumming Techniques Vol 2). You can buy it from the link below. This DVD is designed to help people that have gone through the Really Useful Strumming Techniques Volume I and are looking to learn 16th note strumming patterns. This DVD assumes that you understand and can confidently play your 8th note strumming patterns and you keep your hand moving when you strum. This DVD moves at a faster pace than Vol I, and as well as showing you the patterns, I explain the 16th note count, how to break down the 4 notes in each beat and then how to make up your own patterns. It’s important that you go through and make up some of your own patterns with this DVD, there are far too many 16th note strumming patterns for me to go through them all. So what we do is go through 24 of the most common patterns and explain how you can experiment with them. If you do some of your own study then it won’t take long for you to hear the patterns you hear in songs and work out how to play them! There is a pdf booklet on the DVD for you to print out (or just look at on a computer screen) and of course support is available on the web site forum found at I’m sure that if you enjoyed RUST Vol I and are looking to increase you skills as a rhythm player that you are going to dig this one too!

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