Waste This • Justin Sandercoe (Live with band at Bush Hall)

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Waste This • Justin Sandercoe (Live with band at Bush Hall)

via JustinSandercoe:

This is a live performance of my tune Waste This from my album Small Town Eyes: bit.ly Filmed at my album launch party gig at Bush Hall in London on Feb 28th 2010. The audio is just off the camera mic (I screwed up and didn’t get the desk tape!) so excuse that. Big thanks to my awesome band: Drums: Tom Meadows Bass: Svetlana Vassileva Guitar: Dario Cortese (B-Bender Telecaster, cool!) Keys: Tim Jackson Backing Vocal: Susan Blair Thanks to all the people that came along, it really was a cracking gig, I had an awesome time and am really happy that we got the record off to a good start! ;) More info at www.justinsandercoe.com Yes, I will have lesson up for this song sometime soon. Thanks for watching and take care, J. .

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