Satellite Amps Omega Mk II & Space Boy Demos

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LA Amp Show ’10 – Satellite Amps Omega Mk II & Space Boy Demos

via premierguitar: PG’s Joe Coffey is On Location at the 2010 LA Amp Show where he checks out the newest products from Satellite Amps. In this video segment, we get to hear the loudest amplifier at the LA Amp Show was Satellite’s updated Omega MK II. Designer Adam Grimm’s goal was to create an amp that is loud and aggressive, even at the lowest of volume settings. This 50-watt beast is loaded with a pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes and a pair of EL34 power tubes. It has a solid state rectifier and a three-control front panel with Volume, Bass, and Treble. For more LA Amp Show videos or to view Premier Guitar’s COMPLETELY FREE digital magazine, visit http

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