AKAI Intros Analog Custom Shop Guitar Pedals

Akai analog guitar pedals

Akai Professional introduced their new Analog Custom Shop line of guitar pedals, at the 2011 NAMM Show.

As with previous Akai Professional guitar pedals like the E2 Headrush and SB1 Deep Impact Bass Synth, the Analog Custom Shop line is a collection of pedal effects designed using the highest quality components. According to the company, the Analog Custom Shop pedals provide rich tone, texture and character.

The Analog Custom Shop line uses all-analog design to deliver the sound quality of boutique pedals, and does so at anaffordable price.

akai custom guitar pedals

The Analog Custom Shop consists of these ten pedals: Phase Shifter, Analog Delay, Blues Overdrive, Chorus, Compressor, Tri Mode Overdrive, Deluxe Distortion, Flanger, Tri Mode Fuzz, and Tri Mode Distortion.

“The Analog Custom Shop from Akai Professional brings high quality, classic, rich guitar tones to all,” said Glen Darcey, Director of Product Management, Akai Professional.

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