Free Update For Pod HD Multi-Effects Processors

Pod HDMusikmesse 2011: Line 6 announced today a free update for all POD HD multi-effect processors.

Firmware update v1.3 will include six new HD amp models and five new amp parameters for additional tones and flexibility.

“This free update is our way of thanking POD HD owners for making the POD HD family such a huge success,” says Michael Murphy, Category Manager for POD and Effects Products at Line 6. “The new sets of HD models and parameters deliver a deeper experience to the POD HD platform and more flexibility that we hope will inspire POD HD players.”

The six new HD amp models available in v1.3 are based on channels from three classic American combos (the “Vibrato” channel of a Fender Deluxe Reverb, the “Vibrato” channel of a Fender Twin Reverb and the “Bright” channel of a Fender Bassman), two British half stacks (the “Normal” channel of a Park 75 and the “Normal” channel of a Marshall JTM-45 MkII) and a high-gain Line 6 original.

The inclusion of alternate channels of amps already found in POD HD multi-effects ensures an experience that more closely relates to playing the actual modeled amp.

The new parameters in v1.3 enable POD HD users to further customize and dial in any amount of tube amp feel and behavior. Sag, Hum, Bias, Bias Excursion and Master Volume can be adjusted within any HD amp model, including the 16 that come with POD HD multi-effects processors originally.

Firmware update v1.3 will be available to download from later this month. Learn more about the v1.3 update and POD HD multi-effect processors at

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  • I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brother out.

  • […] Musikmesse 2011: Line 6 announced today a free update for all POD HD multi-effect processors. […]

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