Guitar Rig Hero Contest 4th Winner – Yves Custeau

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Guitar Rig Hero Contest 4th Winner – Yves Custeau

via NativeInstruments:

Native Instruments presents: The fourth winner of the Guitar Rig Hero contest 2008! ****** Name: Yves Custeau Located: St-Francois-Xavier-de-Brompton, QC, Canada Musical influences: Malmsteen, Vai, Metallica, Gilmour, Petrucci and a lot more. Background: Self-taught multi-instrument musician for 18 years now, I’ve been involved in the Eastern Townships’ music scene as a musician, soundman and teacher. I also have my studio where I lay down ideas and have 100 songs to date. In 2006, I ranked 3rd place in Montreal’s Guitar Hero(!) battle among 60 guitarists (real guitarists, not the game!) and, in 2000, won 1st place at Victoriaville’s Bud Rock guitar battle. Homepage: Instruments used in video: Malmsteen Fender Strat and Marc Chicoine custom guitar through Guitar Rig 3, Tama Grandstar drums, Yamaha P-80 piano and Ibanez soundgear recorded and mixed into Logic Pro 8. ****** Check out all top 5 winners here:

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