Courtney Cox Of The Iron Maidens Demos The Peavey AT-200 Auto-Tune Guitar

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At the 2012 NAMM ShowCourtney Cox of The Iron Maidens was on hand to demo the new Peavey AT-200 Auto-Tune Guitar.

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  • A gorgeous creation, so inptorasiinal again, with so so so much detail, great song choice and love the colour choice and thank you for sharing with us at the Secret Crafter Saturday ChallengeHugs Kate PS I have some new candy if you are interested :)you are currently advertising my old candy :)

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  • You are very welcome Lynda! – What I love most….is finding the gaps in history…and thinking of paranormal ways of filling them! -how wonderful!I love coming across a fiction book that has a bibliography – it is a little gift.

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  • I’m just in love with Ollie! I’ve planned to write twelve volumes in all, but I may not be able to stop there. I think Ollie is going to be with me for a long time. Please let me know how you like it!

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