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  • todd, it sounds like your point is to rain on egypt’s parade. on our parade and on democracy’s parade.when a child is born do you say to the parents, this child can go either way and may turn into a thieving drug addict?

  • Geez, have you guys read anything other than echo-chamber blogs? It seems kids at Carleton can’t have a campus club unless they pledge undying love for abortion-on-demand. Sound familiar? Or do you only decry rights violations when you like the person’s politics? Free speech does mean free speech for all, doesn’t it?

  • नक्की.. गोव्याला गेल्यावर मार्टिन्सला नक्की भेट दे.. सगळे प्रकार ट्राय करता येतिल. कलमरी हा प्रकार चिली फ्राय पण मिळतो. त्याला जेली फिश मी दिलेले नांव आहे. बोंबला सारखा एकदम नरम असतो हा फिश, पण एकदा शिजवला की वेगळीच चव लागते..चणकचं टेक्स्चर एकदम मस्त असतं.. मला पाप्लेट आवडत नाही फारसं.. पण चणक मात्र दिलसे आवडतो.

  • The Edge is awesome with his original sound. I can only say that Kevin Shields and Jonny Greenwood have their own distinct sound. I’m only gonna be throwing in Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo, not because he has a distinct style, but he’s just a fucking monster.

  • Okej, men dÃ¥ vätar jag tills ullared. Jag fÃ¥r stÃ¥ ut med Robins kläder ett tag till Inte sÃ¥ snygga direkt, men jag har iaf nya fina skor

  • mmmmm, we LOVE po0rk chops at our house so the baked version will be fun to make cuz it's easy! :)and neopolitan rice krispie treats? really? YUMMY!!!!!!!!! love ya! xoxoxoxo

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