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  • Du tar sÃ¥ vakre bilder og har sÃ¥ god smak! Jeg blir virkelig inspirert av bildene dine. Synes det er en herlig lisofilovsfi Ã¥ ha:-) Ha en flott dag og gratulerer med dagen! Klem

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  • I have Hinkelhatz envy! I live in Tasmania Australia where we could be considered cool compared to the rest of Australia and would love to try these chilis but we have severe restrictions (quarantine) over what we can and can’t import into Tasmania and chilies and the rest of the solanaceae family are right out of the ballpark so we have to make do with a few varieties that our local seed companies can be bothered to grow…I think we need to import some Amish!

  • Normally I’m against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

  • tout à fait d’accord avec l’article.Je ne ferai que citer Gustave Parking : « tout le monde est d’accord pour critiquer la pensée unique … »

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