DIY Guitar Pedals – How To Engrave With A Dremel

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DIY Guitar Pedals – this video looks at how to engrave a DIY guitar pedal with a Dremel tool.

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take a look, really fun to create your own graphics using masking tape and a dremel loaded with bit # 105. by the time you fire up your printer and try to design a graphic in photoshop, i wll be almost done, using speed techniques from the bygone past. hand painted signpainters had to work very fast to make a living. my layout techniques are based on centuries old sign tradition

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  1. can u use the same tool on a guitar body to make your own custom design? or is there some other tool meant for that?

  2. You can use a Dremel on just about anything, but you have to have the right tips. They’ve got a huge selection.

    Handwork like this isn’t easy, though. You’d want to try on scraps until you’re confident.

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