DIY Guitar Pedals

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A discussion of DIY guitar pedals.

via casiotone1331:

Can’t afford those expensive pedals? Build them yourself!

The pedal clones featured here are the ProCo RAT distortion, the MXR Blue Box Octave/Fuzz, the Boss SG-1 Slow Gear and the Electro Harmonix Small Clone.

Each pedal’s circuits have been modified with vintage/new parts to improve on the newer circuits. Some of these mods are my own, some are sourced from the net. If you’re interested in doing this yourself, here are a few indispensable links: – Good site that sells ready made PCBs. The RAT and the Blue Box come from here. – Sells full kits. I prefer to source everything myself, but if you want a package, this is the site to use. – Pricey, but better quality. – Parts – More parts – Parts, hard to find ICs and enclosures for your pedals. Also sells replacement parts for Sovtek/EHX and others. Also featured is the APC, which is a squarewave single oscillator synth that is housed in a toffee tin. I am making some other modules for it, so stay tuned.

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