Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar Demo With Bass Guitar

Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar demo for Bass Guitar was uploaded by: EHX
Duration: 91

This short video shows the possibilities of the EHX Ravish Sitar effect pedal when used with bass guitar. Drones, sitar sounds, special effects and more are now in the hands of the electric bass guitar player! Rock to Raga….

Bass and programing by Bill Ruppert.

Bootsy Collins On Electro-Harmonix Pedals

Electro-Harmonix Bootsy Collins Funk U was uploaded by: EHX
Duration: 678

Bootsy Collins offers his take on Electro-Harmonix pedals, demonstrating ones that he’s used to create his classic funk sounds, and experimenting with some that are new to him.

via EHX:

Remember what Bootsy says, “When the funk gets to hot 4 your rump, turn the other cheek!”

Aguila Cosmica – Acoustic Spanish Guitar

Aguila Cosmica – Acoustic Spanish Guitar – johnclarkemusic.com was uploaded by: johnclarkemusic
Duration: 222

Aguila Cosmica -a performance on acoustic spanish guitar by John Clarke.

via johnclarkemusic

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