Guitar Tone Capacitors Compared

Guitar Tone Capacitors, part 1: Evaluating Material Types was uploaded by: johnplanetz
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Here’s a comparison of Guitar Tone Capacitors, via johnplanetz:

In part one of this video on tone capacitors, I demonstrate the sound characteristics of 7 different capacitors with dialectrics of different material types.

The caps I try here are: Orange Drop 225P 100V (polypropylene), Mallory 150 series (metallized polyester film), Russian K-409 PIO (paper in oil), mystery vintage yellow cylinder (identified as WMF 1S22 Polyester Film 100v from CDE Cornell Dubilier), the original Epi tone cap from my Riviera (probably mylar polyester film), mystery vintage gray cylinder (identified as Mullard/Phillips Mustard polyester foil/film 630v), and a vintage tropical fish (polyester film).

Everything is played on my Epiphone Riviera P93 with Vintage Vibe Guitars P-90 pickups, through my Vox VT30 on the Boutique Clean model, mic’d with a Rode NT1 large diaphragm microphone.
In the part two, I’ll demonstrate how the capacitance value affects the range and usefulness of the tone knob.

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How To Build An Inexpensive DIY Guitar Pedal Board

How to make / build an inexpensive pedal board for guitar pedals (Please comment & Rate!) was uploaded by: gymbo3968
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This video takes a look at how to build an inexpensive pedal board for guitar pedals.

via gymbo3968:

I made an inexpensive pedal board for under $20. My first video so be nice… (Please comment & Rate!)