Guitar Jack 2 Review

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Here’s a quick review of the Sonoma Wire Works Guitar Jack 2 – an audio interface that lets you record guitar and other audio directly to your iPhone or iPad:

A bit of a look and listen to the Guitar Jack 2 on the iPod touch 4th Gen. Also works with iPhone 4 and iPad.

Mainly designed to work with Sonoma’s FourTrack app but will evidently work with other apps as well as long as you have one of Sonoma’s apps that have the control panel to allow you to configure the Guitar Jack 2.

It has an 1/8th stereo ‘phones output, an 1/8th stereo input and a 1/4 mono input. For the first four minutes of video, you’re listening to me waffle on through a pair of Rode NT3’s and after that I plug in my Roland Juno synth and add a couple of guitar tracks.

What’s it like?? very, very good. Plenty of gain with very low noise….in fact, I can’t really hear any noise. It sounds like it’s roughly in the same league as my Edirol UA25 audio interface which is $400 bucks worth.

It’s a bit awkward to handle when plugged in to the iPod and it’s easy to bump it and lose connection so I would not be walking around with it while recording but sonically, it’s outstanding.

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