Eric Johnson Style Guitar Solo

Eric Johnson stye guitar solo (Kristofer Dahl) was uploaded by: shredguybstring
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Eric Johnson stye guitar solo (Kristofer Dahl)

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No one can play like Eric Johnson, his sound is the result of phenomenal picking technique, precise left and right hand synchronisation and fingering, note choice etc. Not only is his technique hard to duplicate – but his sound is almost impossible. Mr Johnson has extremely sensitive ears, to the point he claims he hears the difference between different battery manufactures. So simply buying his amp setup won’t help you (to my knowledge he sometimes switches between five different amplifiers) – you have to get the right batteries for your distortion pedal too! Because the technical aspects of his sound can get quite tricky, we are instead going to focus on the things which will make your playing sound more like Eric Johnson, regardless of your set-up. In this lesson we will break down an Eric Johnson style solo, later on we will have an “Eric johnson tricks” lesson in the matserclass. By nailing some of the licks in this solo, you will have taken your very first steps towards Johnson land…! Theory-wise the solo revolves around A-minor and D-minor pentatonic and really hasn’t got any rhythmic or tonic structure – it’s more of a floating thing. The main idea here is for you to get some Eric Johnson style licks under your fingers. For a step-by-step video breakdown of this solo visit

Classic Rock Guitar – 3 Note per String Modes

Classic Rock Guitar – 3 Note per String Modes was uploaded by: BerkleeMusic
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Classic Rock Guitar – 3 Note per String Modes

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Berkleemusic’s guitar instructor Joe Musella shows 3 note per string modes of the major scale in all positions illustrating fast legato playing like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.