Rock Band 3 Review – “We’re Ready To Certify This Double-Platinum!”

Rock Band 3 Review

Here’s what Kotaku has to say about the new Rock Band 3:

Rock Band 3 offers something for every type of rhythm game player.

For the more casual aficionado of music mimicking, Harmonix and MTV Games deliver a more streamlined interface that makes Rock Band more party-friendly than ever. For the hardcore plastic guitarist and drummer, Rock Band 3 puts the challenge into overdrive, with a legitimate music instruction tool for wannabe musicians looking to learn the fundamentals (or their favorite songs).

Add keyboards, vocal harmonies and a strong, diverse soundtrack and we’re ready to certify this one double platinum.

See the full Rock Band 3 review at the Kotaku site.

Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar Trailer

Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar Trailer was uploaded by: thebitbag
Duration: 281

Rock Band 3 is slowly approaching it’s release date in North America and the rest of the world. Here is the latest trailer, showing off the Rock Band 3 Pro guitar, which gives gamers more realistic gameplay, with real strumming and chording, with the Fender Mustang guitar by MadCatz.

via thebitbag