Kirk Hammet Guitar Solo

Kirk Hammet guitar solo (“In the style of” w/Kristofer Dahl) was uploaded by: shredguybstring
Duration: 64

This video demonstrates how to create a Kirk Hammet style guitar solo.

via shredguybstring:

Time to look at the style of this extremely popular heavy metal guitarist – no wonder, he is the lead guitarist of Metallica: Kirk Hammett. Conveniently enough, this lesson comes right after the Masterclass “Hot Blues” lesson – because Kirk Hammett’s style is in fact heavily inspired by blues. This lesson will mainly deal with Kirk’s solo style from the Metallica “Black Album” and onwards . Mr Hammett himself claims his goal with his new solo approach was to get “a bit bluesier” – and the result was an effective blend of metal, blues and wah-wah driven madness. In this lesson you will get a hang of some typical Kirk Hammet style licks, you should also follow my example and use these ideas to make your own “Metallica-style” improvisation over the backing track. All the licks covered here will work nicely in E minor (except where note otherwise) – E minor is the the most common heavy metal key, so learn it well. Now let’s take a trip to heavy metal land… Full lesson (21 videos) available at

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