Slash Solo Guitar Techniques

Slash solo guitar techniques (Kristofer Dahl) was uploaded by: shredguybstring
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Slash solo guitar techniques (Kristofer Dahl)

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No matter what Slash plays, he does it like no one else. Doesn’t matter if the run is fast or slow. In this lesson we will break down licks, phrases and runs that are essential to emulate Slash’s playing. The goal is for you to make your own improvised solos sound a bit more like Slash’s. Hopefully you will get started right away with the supplied backing tracks. Before you can start improvising with the licks/patterns, you need to play them over and over with a metronome. There is no short-cut here. However, if you have already played some Slash solo or lick, some of the things presented here will be easy for you to learn. If you likede this trailer – check out the daily free video lessons at

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