Riddle – Envelope Filter for Guitar

Riddle – Video by Jack Conte – Envelope Filter for Guitar was uploaded by: EHX
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Riddle – Video by Jack Conte – Envelope Filter for Guitar

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www.ehx.com Visit EHX.com for user videos, our blog, community fourms, and lots more! For more Riddle product info, see www.ehx.com The Electro-Harmonix Riddle is a powerful and precise envelope filter fine-tuned for guitar frequency response. Sculpt your envelope to reveal a truly expressive tone, with a defined and unique signature. Riddle will deliver tight and smooth control over the complete 80 Hz to 5 kHz range, with a consistent and even sweetness. Need some edge? Engage Riddle’s analog distortion and dial in anything from subtle bite to dominating crush. Riddle: a mysteriously musical envelope filter for guitar. * 80 Hz to 5 kHz frequency response tailored for guitar * Optional expression pedal control * Switch selectable analog distortion designed for guitar * Start and Stop sweep control * Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass filter select * Start and Stop for filter sweep and Q control * Separate Dry and Effect outputs * 9.6VDC 200mA power supply included

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