Guitar Rig 4 Review

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Guitar Rig 4 Review / Sound Test

via adriantrackssongs: – Free Guitar Backing Tracks, Lessons and Resources! (uploaded again to fix the audio clipping) Hey people, once again Adrian here, sorry for the long time without videos, been super busy, new job, new projects, band recording, new guitars, a lot of new stuff really, just got the blog up and active again, and of couse, a new video, hope to get a lot of new material done now. I’m taking requests now ;). This is a review of my favourite guitar modeling processor, i really LOVE guitar rig, and this new version kick serious ass, it’s loaded with some new functions, a new interface, and most important, it’s sounding better than ever, and yeah, better than any other software out there. Check it out and download the demo on the native instruments website, http and this youtube channel is sponsored by: – Tune your guitar online! – Very cheap quality logos Wanna become a sponsor?, message me! Check my other channel: for non-popular songs guitar riffs, lessons and backing tracks. subscribe to my channels to get all the updates! Also if you like this exercise/guitar lesson/riff, check out my website, i am posting free backing tracks, lessons and guitar resources! And if you like me add me to facebook And follow me on twitter:

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Preset Demo

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Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 preset demo

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Using Guitar Rig 4 as a plug-in for Ableton Live I run through some of the default setup amp models which are meant to sound like certain tracks or people, I have played the track or a track by the artist that each preset is meant to represent. All examples a played on an Ibanez JS1000. For my full review of Guitar Rig 4 check out my site: Make sure you also check out my Guitar Rig 4 special effects demo: Presets used: Jimis White Pleasure – Led Zep Whole Lotta Love Billy Dual Grange – ZZ Top La Grange Early Edward (with added Phaser Nine) – Van Halen Eruption 2 In The Streets – U2 Where The Streets Have No Name YNGW – Yngwie Malmsteen Black Star & Evil Eye One May – Queen One Vision God’s Love – Steve Vai For The Love Of God Surfing Little Jimis Wing – Jimi Hendrix Little Wing Andy In A Bottle – The Police Message In A Bottle