Guitar Standard Tuning

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Guitar Standard Tuning

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PLEASE CLICK MORE INFO AND READ THIS Standard Tuning E,B,G,D,A,e The guitar isn’t out of tune so don’t say it is. I used a tuner while making this video and I used one after the video was made. I would know if it was out of tune. Okay, don’t complain about the distortion and blame the distortion for you tuning your guitar wrong. YOU tuned your own guitar wrong. Just practice a bit more and suck it up. If you have trouble because of the distortion then just use a tuner. Not a big deal. And if you’re holding a tuner to your speaker checking my video to see if I was in tune….. Why aren’t you using your tuner on your own guitar and then you bitch at me for tuning your guitar wrong. Not my fault, not the distortions fault, and it’s not YouTube’s fault… It’s your fault. The video is marked as xREDxGUYx at the end. Don’t say this isn’t my video because it is!!! xREDxGUYx is my old youtube account which I deleted. So please don’t try it!

Country Guitar Solo

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Country solo tutorial

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In this lesson I give you the most common country techniques – from a rock perspective. Don’t miss this oportunity – come along and take one step closer to creating your own unique style: by adding country licks into your playing. Some of these are so simple I promise you will get a few tricks under your fingers right away. Open string licks, banjo rolls, chicken picking, double stops – you have got it all here! Free video lessons every day at