Electro Harmonix Memory Man Tip

Electro Harmonix shared this tip – a way to patch the Stereo Memory Man to double the effect:

Here is a cool tip to double the power of your Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai.

The Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai has two identical processors built within it. One processor is used for the left channel and the other for the right channel.

You can patch the two processors in series by running the unit in mono and using a simple patch cable to connect the left output to the right input.

Having one processor run directly into another produces double the chorus modulation effect as well as double the reverb density and even doubled repeats in the multi-tap delay function.  (Double repeats in a multi-tap delay can produce great synthesizer sequencer effects.)

Give it a try.  We think you will love the lush chorus, dense reverb and extra effects!

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DIY Guitar Pedals – How To Engrave With A Dremel

diy guitar pedals, how to engrave by hand, dremel was uploaded by: lovemytonepedals
Duration: 239

DIY Guitar Pedals – this video looks at how to engrave a DIY guitar pedal with a Dremel tool.

via lovemytonepedals:

take a look, really fun to create your own graphics using masking tape and a dremel loaded with bit # 105. by the time you fire up your printer and try to design a graphic in photoshop, i wll be almost done, using speed techniques from the bygone past. hand painted signpainters had to work very fast to make a living. my layout techniques are based on centuries old sign tradition