MIDI Guitar Jam

Midi Guitar Jam (with Native Instruments FM8 and Ableton Live) was uploaded by: WeakEndProductions
Duration: 372

Midi Guitar Jam (with Native Instruments FM8 and Ableton Live)

via WeakEndProductions:

I recently got Native Instruments FM8 software synth and I’ve been getting some good sounds for Midi Guitar with it. Using Ableton Live 6 I am able to load (and arm for recording) six instances of FM8. That way I can play the synth in a natural guitar-like manner. What I mean is that I can bend one string, sending a pitchbend message for one string (one midi channel) without that message bending the pitch of what’s happening on all the other strings. It seems to work rather well. I thought that it might be of interest to other midi guitarists.

Electro Harmonix Memory Man Tip

Electro Harmonix shared this tip – a way to patch the Stereo Memory Man to double the effect:

Here is a cool tip to double the power of your Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai.

The Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai has two identical processors built within it. One processor is used for the left channel and the other for the right channel.

You can patch the two processors in series by running the unit in mono and using a simple patch cable to connect the left output to the right input.

Having one processor run directly into another produces double the chorus modulation effect as well as double the reverb density and even doubled repeats in the multi-tap delay function.  (Double repeats in a multi-tap delay can produce great synthesizer sequencer effects.)

Give it a try.  We think you will love the lush chorus, dense reverb and extra effects!

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D*A*M – Triple Sonic Titan Shoot-Out

D*A*M – Tripple Sonic Titan Shoot-Out was uploaded by: xtimehascomex
Duration: 148

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Empress – Tremolo

Empress – Tremolo was uploaded by: xtimehascomex
Duration: 238

This video captures a demo of the Empress – Tremolo pedal.

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The Pigtronix Echolution

Pigtronix – Echolution -BEST OF- was uploaded by: xtimehascomex
Duration: 253

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