Line 6 Toneport Gearbox Guitar – Mike Slamer Solo

Line6 Toneport Gearbox Guitar OLP MM1 – Mike Slamer Solo was uploaded by: joecruzguitar
Duration: 63

Line6 Toneport Gearbox Guitar OLP MM1 – Mike Slamer Solo

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Steelhouse lane – Turn Around Song Gear Used : OLP MM1 Guitar with Gotoh Floyd Rose and stock pickups, in this clip i used both pickups, start in neck and finish in bridge position. Line6 Toneport audio device and Line6 Gearbox Software (plexi simulation + od add + delay add) Just a little part of this amazing tune of incredible band Steelhouse lane. Mike Slamer rockz m/ Peace Jr Antunes

AmpliTube 2 Guitar Software Live At NAMM

AmpliTube 2 live at NAMM – guitar software was uploaded by: ikmultimedia
Duration: 141

AmpliTube 2 live at NAMM – guitar software

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For more information, visit Raphael Moreira plays AmpliTube 2 at winter NAMM 2006

MIDI Guitar Jam

Midi Guitar Jam (with Native Instruments FM8 and Ableton Live) was uploaded by: WeakEndProductions
Duration: 372

Midi Guitar Jam (with Native Instruments FM8 and Ableton Live)

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I recently got Native Instruments FM8 software synth and I’ve been getting some good sounds for Midi Guitar with it. Using Ableton Live 6 I am able to load (and arm for recording) six instances of FM8. That way I can play the synth in a natural guitar-like manner. What I mean is that I can bend one string, sending a pitchbend message for one string (one midi channel) without that message bending the pitch of what’s happening on all the other strings. It seems to work rather well. I thought that it might be of interest to other midi guitarists.

Waves GTR3

Waves GTR3 was uploaded by: danielwaves
Duration: 80

Waves GTR3

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GTR3 is the best sounding virtual guitar amp and effects software in the world. Period. * 19 Guitar Amps * 7 Bass Amps * 22 Cabs * 26 Stomps * Multiple Mics and Mic Settings * Custom Hardware Interface * Realistic Dynamic Response * Expert Presets and FX Chains * Sync-to-Host BPM Effects * Drag-and-Drop Simplicity * Real-Time MIDI Control * Standalone or DAW-Ready Waves captured the finest vintage and contemporary amps from Fender®, Marshall®, Mesa/Boogie®, Vox®, and more, using revolutionary sampling techniques that go way beyond standard modeling. The result is the most amazing guitar tones you will ever hear coming out of your computer. And with GTR3’s host-free Standalone ToolRack, all you need to do is plug in…and play!

Learn Guitar 4 Finger Scale Warm Up Lesson

Learn Guitar 4 Finger Scale Warm Up Lesson was uploaded by: jamoramaguitar
Duration: 60

Learn Guitar 4 Finger Scale Warm Up Lesson

via jamoramaguitar: WHO ELSE Wants To Learn Step-By-Step How To Play Guitar Like The Eagles, Green Day, Pink Floyd, Guns ‘n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Eric Clapton, The Beatles and more? Why do YOU want to learn how to play guitar? Do you want to play for personal pleasure? Maybe you have always wanted to play in a band or write and perform your own songs? Whatever your reasons are, I’ve designed my cutting-edge guitar learning method with YOU in mind, so that you will get immensely satisfying results FAST. I call my guitar learning method ‘Jamorama’ and I designed it to be the most complete and easy to follow guitar learning system available anywhere. It comes jam-packed with easy-to-follow information. You’ll get step by step video instructions that show you the secrets of how to play the guitar in great detail. I can talk about “multiple camera angles”, and “cutting edge animated graphics” but you don’t want to know all that. All you need to know is that these videos take you from being an absolute beginner right through to playing some of the most advanced guitar techniques around! I was the first to use this type of multi-angle, animated video to teach guitar. Others online have tried to do the same but mine are still the best available anywhere. You’ll also get my exclusive Jam Tracks to play and practice with. NO ONE likes sitting around practicing boring drills. I strongly believe that it’s really important to get learners playing and

Software For Guitar Players

Cool!!! Software for guitar players was uploaded by: codedsignal
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Cool!!! Software for guitar players

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Record complete songs spontaneously without putting down your guitar. Lay down your riffs and snap them together into a song complete with drums and effects. Riffworks versatile features help guitar players easily capture ideas and record entire songs that include great sounding drums, fabulous tone and polished effects. Guitar players can set the tempo and start recording just by playing their guitar using RiffWorks Junt%u2122 technology. Go to

Guitar Pro 5.1 – Realistic Sound Engine Demo

Guitar Pro 5.1 – Realistic Sound Engine Demo was uploaded by: eMediaMusic
Duration: 35

Guitar Pro 5.1 – Realistic Sound Engine Demo

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A Short video demonstrating the Realistic Sound Engine (RSE) in Guitar Pro 5.1. For more information on Guitar Pro software, please visit

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3 Demo

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3 Demo was uploaded by: snouter
Duration: 596

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3 Demo

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Just a quick overview of the way I do song construction using Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro software. There are some cases when I get the opportunity to have a real live drummer do the complete drum track from start to finish like with my Hey Joe covers, but generally I use Smart Loops (a type of acid loop) which are very convenient are actually recordings of a pro drummer’s work broken into segments.

How To Play Oasis’ Wonderwall

Oasis ‘Wonderwall’ – play this classic riff!! was uploaded by: ilearntoplay
Duration: 246

Oasis ‘Wonderwall’ – play this classic riff!!

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A moody, Manchester-sullen chord sequence that underpins one of the classics of the Britpop era, it forms the perfect bed for the snarling vocals of Big Bad Liam Gallagher. Here is is in all its morning glory – with slowed-down demonstrations, chord boxes and strumming patterns. M